Sustainability Design


For INTRIPLO sustainability is not a project but it is fully integrated in our business model. We focus on Climate Change, Safer Materials and Human Resources. One of our key values is : respect for all that lives.
This means that we as a company have a social- and environmental responsibility in all the things we undertake. Based on that value we are driven to co-create inspiring and sustainable environments that fit the customers- and environmental needs.
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Intriplo prefers to choose for FSC certified wood Increasing the use of wood products is part of the solution to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide . Where wood products replace other construction materials in buildings and interiors, there is an estimated average substitution factor of 1.6 tonnes carbon dioxide per cubic metre of wood material. Therefor we consider it our task to advise our customers about the opportunities over the short and long term to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide through the choice of materials with low environmental impact. We promote to increase the use of FSC certified wood ( wood from a sustainable Forrest) as part of the climate change solution. At the end of its life wood can be used as biofuel to replace fossil fuels.

INTRIPLO CHOOSES FOR A HEALTHY AND SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT We are running one of the most sustainable factories in the industry of interior builders. Most of our people in the factory are VCA certified (Health, Safety and Environment in the company and on projects). Our highly automated machines are energy efficient and the use of raw materials hardly causes any wastage. We operate a dual waste management system. All our machines are connected to a dust exhaust system. Our lightening is fully LED and beyond 2018, we will continue to innovate to expand our use of renewable energy . In three years we are planning to run our factory and offices on Solar Energy and we will also invest in Energy Storage. Every day we are working on a healthy and a safe work environment for our people through continuous learning and awareness programs. We provide all our staff with ear protection, airway protection, safety clothes and shoes. We want to be the employer of choice. Our building has an A energy label, the norm for 2030.
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Part of our profit is spent in the future of young men and women in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are one of the main sponsors of the Dutch foundation YEP Yepafrica because they effectively empower youth to create their future in their own country instead of taking the backway to Europe. We consider youth unemployment the main cause of migration to Europe. As a management we regular participate in their programs in Africa because those programs contribute to their personal development. We also participate in the MANSA clean cooking project. The MANSA stove was designed by master students from the TU-Delft under the umbrella of Yepafrica. This stove uses 50% less firewood and causes no smoke like open fires do. Good for reducing deforestation and healthy for women and children. ( 4 million premature death because of open fires and smoke each year). Wood wastage will be used as biofuel for these stoves in the future.